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Hi, my name is Kevin. And I'm a compulsive Animal Lover.

As you can see, cats especially somehow view me as their "home".
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Highly recommended, a fantastic read, and the PERFECT Christmas Gift for all Animal Lovers! ...

by Catriona Lowry

Meet Sasha and Saoirse, who are unlikely animal friends. Their safe and loving world they were adopted into is without warning stolen from them. Join them on their journey through .....

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When I moved to Ireland in 2007, I had no clue about the situation of Animal Welfare in this country. It took some time until I found out what was going on.

I was shocked and sadened and decided to do something. Unfortunately I am not rich (yet!), so my help is not of outstanding contribution. However, seeing that the rescue organisations, which mainly operate on a completely voluntary and non-profit base, are so desperately struggling for much needed funds, I have decided to  help with whatever I can.

Hence this store came into being.

The concept is simple:

Many of you often order books etc. from Amazon online. Amazon has an affiliate program that allows website publishers to put adverts on their website leading to the Amazon online store. By using this advert to get to the store and